About us

Chalet do Lago is located in Monte da Granja Nova. The story begins in the 1960s, on an 80-hectare estate that was mainly used for farming and cattle raising. Later, in 1997, José Pereira da Silva and Florinda de Jesus, acquired part of the Herdade (37 hectares) from one of the heiresses of the owner family. In an initial phase, they opted only to enhance the estate by planting Pine trees, Olive trees and Cork oaks

Later, with the construction of the National Road that connects Montargil to Couço, agricultural production was extended and watermelon, melon and peach cultivation began, among other crops

A great idealist and investor, José Pereira da Silva saw in the construction of the National Road an opportunity to explore Rural Tourism, building two houses for holiday rental, houses that today give rise to the residences of Monte da Granja Nova. The Chalet do Lago integrates all of the Herdade's past and continues the family project. Walk in our fields, taste our fruits and rest in our paradise.

Do not miss the opportunity and come visit us!


Chalet do Lago consists of 5 bungalows, with a maximum capacity of 2 adults + 2 children (in sofa bed).

We have 4 bungalows next to the lake-pool and a more private one, about 150m from the lake-pool. In our space you can enjoy:

- Pool-lake*

- Playground*

- Beach soccer field / beach volleyball*

- Small beach for the youngest ones*

- Contact with our animals*

- Grocery store - Bicycle Rental

** *By rules

**Subject to availability

We also invite you to experience some of the activities that the Alentejo and the Montargil Village have to offer:

Water Sports, horse riding, exploration of the Herdade, boat trips, bicycle rides, among others.

Have a good trip and see you soon!


Stay safe - Monte da Granja Nova & Chalet do Lago

COVID-19 For our guests and staff WHY?

Because the well-being of our guests, colleagues and partners is our number one priority! At Monte da Granja Nova & Chalet do Lago, our values - responsibility, care and passion - have never been more important. To ensure this, we have established procedures, plans and routines related to COVID-19. We closely monitor the development of COVID-19 and follow the guidelines of the Directorate-General for Health and the World Health Organization and we act accordingly, taking all the necessary precautionary measures.


We have created a safe environment for guests and staff.

At Monte da Granja Nova & Chalet do Lago, all our employees received information about COVID-19 and training in maintenance and management.

We have clear procedures for dealing with guests and staff who show symptoms to ensure the virus does not spread.

We follow guidelines and recommendations from local and national health authorities - all listed and visible for our guests and colleagues to see and follow.


More precisely, let's keep a minimum distance of 2 meters, both for guests and colleagues!


We wash our hands frequently, use disinfectant and encourage our guests to do the same. In public areas, disinfectant dispensers are available for our guests and colleagues.


We clean all surfaces several times a day, paying special attention to the most common ones.


Meaning no handshakes, kisses and hugs, for now! :)


Let's do this together!

We know that everything is constantly changing.

So, let's do what we can together to slow down the spread and reduce the spread of COVID-19 as much as possible.

Everyone's health and well-being is what concerns us most.